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Course Image The Relationship of Service And Your Personal Statement Correspondence Course

Your Personal Statement Program

Mrs. Starkey’s personalized Placement Process
Offered as a 25 hr. Correspondence Course
Guided by a Starkey Instructor; Videos, Text Books
Identify the perfect position for you!
Learn your “good fit” with a potential employer
Developing your personal statement and
your top 3-4 Service Standards and Abilities
Master your Professional Presentation
Know your unique Service Style; How to Interview
A Starkey Certification Program.

Course Image Starkey Systems Management


The ultimate goal is to create and customize a Service Management Plan.  Defined, the Service Management Plan is a written document where all information about the home or service environment, the Principals and their expectations are defined, prioritized and where a daily operation is created.


-Unit 1—Creating a Service Vision, identifying Lifestyle Goals, Family Tree of the Principals of the household and introduce their Favorites and Schedules. This unit is the foundation of a successful Service Management Plan.


-Unit 2—Student will document and define all Principals, Family Members, Guests, Pets, Staff and Vendors using the HM book forms to create your Service Management Plan found in Appendix C.  There is much information that needs to be documented for the People in the Environment.  At the end of this unit, the student will have documented all the Principals, Family members and Guests and will have technical skills and professional information on all staff and vendors of the household.


-Unit 3—The Environment is the second phase of documentation in the Starkey Service Management Plan.  Student will identify locations, buildings, floor plans, rooms and their function.  The student will use plans (sample floor plans will be provided if student does not have files of an appropriate floor plan).  The student will also Zone the areas according the guidelines of the Starkey Service Management System; create Housekeeping/Maintenance/Security Task Sheets, Inventory and identify the “Daily Graces” for the household Service Environment.


-Unit 4 —­Management tools are the core of the Starkey Service Management System and plan for the household or service environment.  Student will create and maintain all System Management Tools to include—Day in the Life schedules/Standards Matrix/Technical Skills Qualifiers/Technical Skills Matrix/Service Variables and the Service Matrix.  At the end of this course, the student will be interviewed by an instructor.  Student will demonstrate their understanding of what a Service Management Plan is and the tools within the Starkey Service Management System, and how they plan to implement the system in their Environment.